Goddess Getaways

Wellness Retreats For Women

Getaways for the Goddess in EVERY-woman!

These All-Inclusive Getaway designed by women for women, is YOUR opportunity to RENEW, REFRESH. and RESTORE 

We use insightful inquiry, physical practices, heart-full meditations, alongside sacred ceremonies, personalized health sessions, and adventurous excursions to restore ourselves.  AND lot's of REST time!!

These vacations with a purpose, are the opportunity to commune with women who are up to big things!  Women who have big jobs, families, passion projects, and ready to discover the benefit of spending a week nurturing themselves.

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Early registration discounts of up to $500 typically available ... Click below to be notified FIRST!

2024 mini-getaways and 2025 weeklong being planned NOW!

Have adventures 

RENEW the Body

Physical practices designed to awaken the body and meditations to connect with the soul will support your inquiry and discoveries. The Integration of mind and body is key to the understanding of who we ARE  and who we CAN BE. Practices will be designed for women of ALL levels of fitness. 

REFRESH the Soul

As women we are especially connected to the importance and value of social time with others. There will be LOTS of time for walking the beautiful grounds,  or lounge by the pool to rest and refresh!  This Getaway experience is designed to satisfy and grow the Goddess in you at every level. 

RESTORE the Mind

Each day we will engage in an insightful inquiry that will support you to step beyond the distractions and distortions (i.e. failures, shame and guilt) to discover and honor the unique expression of the Goddess in you. Learn how to celebrate the power and beauty of the woman that you are!

what  theY  look  alike

Beautiful Locations

Like the Sedona Mago Center for Well-Being, located in the Red Rocks of Arizona. The center was created to share the timeless principles and spiritual practices of ancient wisdom and tradition of SunTao. Combined with modern teachings of energy healing and personal development, retreats at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat provide paths and environments for your holistic healing and self-realization.

Example of a typically package: 

This is a weeklong getaway, weekend programs will be similar just half the time!

  • Program Tuition (Inquiry & Practices)
  • 6 nights accommodation  (Arv Mon, Mar 27th - Dpt Sun, Apr 2nd, 2023
  • All Meals (3x daily - local farm to table healthy meals)
  • All Excursions and Group Activities
  • Optional Private Holistic Health Services (additional)

Click the image to see and example itinerary of FUN! 

What the Getaways look like ... 

March 27th - April 2nd, 2023


Open the Tabs to see Detail About Each Days Activities

Arrival Day - MOn, March 27th 

  • Arrive at Mago Retreat Center, move in & get comfy! (check-in is 4p)
  • Dinner (6:15p - 7:15p) 
  • Welcome Orientation Session. (7:30p – 8:30p)

Retreat Days - TUE, MArch 28th - sat, april 1st

Your days will include …

  • Healthy, cleansing, plentiful Pescatarian meals (3x a day!) that someone else prepared for you! 
  • Soul soothing meditations (for ALL levels of experience). This will include meditative walks and traditional sitting meditations. 
  • Physical Practices that awaken and integrate the whole body. All practices (Yoga, Pilates, Dance etc.) will be designed for ALL fitness levels!
  • Guided Inquiry Sessions designed for you to discover your unique Goddess-ness. These sessions provide the context for every aspect of the Getaway to deliver new understanding, inspiration and insights,
  • Special activities to engage your creativity and gain deeper wisdom about yourself and your unique feminine expression. Think painting, sculpting, photography sessions.  
  • Learn the power and importance of ceremony and ritual through a full moon fire ceremony, a crowning ceremony and storytelling. Nothing too weird we promise!
  • Optional health and healing sessions. Experts will be on hand offering various healing, testing and consulting services. Think bodyworkers offering massage, somatic healing etc. Additionally, there will be functional medicine practitioners offering thermography scanning, metals testing and nutritional coaching. 
  • Time for Socializing and Leisure with new and old friends! 
  • Evening Enlightenment. The Guides will share their extraordinary talents with the group. Plays, readings, concerts ... the fun stuff!

Every activity is not on everyday.  This is a Vacation with a purpose, activities and sessions are spread out to leave you plenty of down time!  

Departure Day - sun, april 2nd


  • Breakfast 7a - 8:30a 
  • Pack-Up to leave. Check out time is Noon.
  • Travel home renewed, refreshed and restored! 
Packages will range from $1800 (weekend)
to $3,450/$4,250 (weeklong - shared or single room)

Early registration discounts of up to $500 typically available ... Click below to be notified FIRST!

2024 mini-getaways and 2025 weeklong being planned NOW!

Meet THe Guides 

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